Bayfield Signage
By-law 676-1995

Lot Maintenance
By-law 118-2019

By-law 29-2004

Animal Control
By-law 34-2015 (as amended)

Outdoor Solid Fuel Combustion
By-law 18-2012

Public Nuisance
By-law 119-2019

Hay Signage
By-law 22-1998

Property Standards
By-law 5-2003

By-law 21-2005

Traffic and Parking
By-law 4-2013 (as amended)

Usage of Beach, Marina and
Water Areas
By-law 89-2008

Discharge of Wastes into the Public Sewage / Storm Works
By-law 9-2020

Zurich Signage
By-law 14-1991

Prohibited Signs
By-law 42-2018

Open Air Burning
By-law 31-2016

Swimming Pool Fencing
By-law 6-2020
Permit Application

Water Restrictions
By-law 19-2005

Hawker, Peddlers and Buskers
By-law 53-2020

Pre-Amalgamation By-laws:

Depositing of Snow on Street
By-law 209-1984
Regulating Debris and Obstruction
of Ditches/Culverts
By-law 419-1989
Regulating the Discharge of Fire
By-law 5-1996

Control Use of Snow Vehicles
By-law 9-1993
Regulating Taxi Cabs
By-law 8-1986
Regulating the Discharge of Firearms
By-law 5-1996

Contact Information
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Should you wish to register a complaint with the municipality regarding a perceived infraction of our bylaws, you must fill out a COMPLAINT FORM which can be accessed through the following link: 
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