The Community Grant and Vibrancy Funding policy has been developed to address receipt of vibrancy funding from the wind turbine companies and to establish how these funds will be distributed so as to address current capital needs of the community while providing sustainable funding for future budgets.  Furthermore, this policy establishes the procedures for the “Community Grant and Vibrancy Funds Program”, which provides limited financial assistance to community groups and organizations within the Municipality to assist with programs, projects or special events.  The program exists to recognize the value of these groups to the well-being and growth of the community and in helping the Municipality retain a strong community focus.

There are two streams of funding available through this policy to provide limited financial assistance to local non-profit organizations: The Community Grant stream and the Community Vibrancy Funding stream.  Organizations will be permitted to submit only one application per year for either the Community Grant stream or the Community Vibrancy stream.  Capital projects for municipal property will be funded through the Community Vibrancy Fund only, and will be required to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with respect to the funding request.

Application packages are available at the Municipal office or may be downloaded by clicking on the below links.  Completed applications, on the appropriate application form, are accepted once a year and must be received by the Municipal office by September 15.  

All application forms and supporting documents must be received no later than 4:30 pm, September 15 each year.  In the event that September 15 falls on a weekend, applications will be accepted until 4:30 pm the following Monday.  

Please note:  The Community Grant and Vibrancy Funding Policy was revised and approved by Council in 2019.

Applicants must review the Community Grant and Vibrancy Funding Policy prior to submitting an application.

Community Grant and Vibrancy Fund Policy

Community Grant and Vibrancy Funding Application

Project Evaluation Form



The Council of the Municipality of Bluewater passed By-law 86-2019 adopting the new Lakeshore Roads Grant Policy.

General Policies:
This policy does not apply to roads on a plan of subdivision or plan of condominium registered after January 1, 2002.  This policy does not apply to any road access created by easement or any other means after January 1, 2002.

This policy applies to unassumed roads or private roads located west of Bluewater Highway (Provincial Highway 21) and south of Crystal Springs Road in the Municipality.

The Roads Grant eligibility period is annually between November 1st of the previous year and October 31st of the current year.

Associations wising to apply for a Roads Grant must provide a copy of the Associations Letters of Patent and any amendments to the Municipality.

Reimbursable costs for roads can include grading, snow ploughing, tree removal & trimming, noxious weed control, gravel, dust control, road way grass cutting, road drainage including ditches and catch basins, road reconstruction and road surfacing.

Road reconstruction and road surfacing must be completed in accordance with the Road Design Standards and shall be pre-authorized in writing by the Manager of Public Works.

Roads under this policy must be open for public use. “No Trespassing”, “Private Road” or any signage restricting travel on the road is prohibited.

When a road is assumed by the Municipality for maintenance by a by-law, costs incurred by an Association following the date of passage of the by-law are not eligible for reimbursement.

The Roads Grant is comprised of:
     a) actual reimbursement of costs as per section 5 above
     b) one $550 administration fee per Association

The Grant Amount is set out on the Submission for Roads Grant.

Annual Submission Requirements:

Associations must submit the following information to the Treasurer:
- A complete Application for Roads Grant
- A copy of the Association Letters Patent if not previously provided and any amendments to Letters
- Copies of invoices for each reimbursement requested
- Proof of payment i.e. copy of bank account statement with payment identified

Submission Form

An Association must submit each year prior to December 1st for the Roads Grant period.  Late submissions will not be considered.

Please note:  The Lakeshore Roads Grant Policy was revised and approved by Council in 2019.

Applicants must review the Lakeshore Roads Grant Policy prior to submitting an application.

To review the by-law and policy, please click on the following link:  By-law 86-2019 - Lakeshore Road Grant Policy

To view some of the frequently asked questions surrounding completing a road grant submission, see our Road Grant FAQ handout.


In 2016 Bluewater Council approved the development of a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the three villages and the six hamlets within the Municipality of Bluewater.

After an in depth community outreach program, Council and staff are pleased to announce that the CIP is complete and we are now accepting applications for:

The Commercial Facade Improvement Grant Program; and The Heritage Property Improvement Grant Program

Grants will be awarded for 50% of improvement costs up to a maximum of $5000.00 for applicants who reside within one of the designated Community Improvement Project Areas, which include the downtown areas of Blake, Brucefield, Dashwood, Hensall, Kippen, St. Joseph, Varna, Zurich, and the downtown and marina areas of Bayfield (please contact the Municipality for detailed maps of the project areas).

Before completing an application form, applicants should read the Municipality of Bluewater Community Improvement Plan. Information on each grant program is found in Section 6.0 and General Eligibility Requirements are in Section 7.1.1.

Bluewater Community Improvement Plan

CIP Grant Application Form