• 3 Distinct Historic Villages; Bayfield, Hensall & Zurich
  • Quality Healthcare
  • Cultural Assets Including
    • 3 Libraries
    • 2 Heritage Museums
    • 3 Heritage Halls
    • 4 Community Centres with 3 Arenas
  • Strong support for retirees and seniors
  • Low-cost housing
  • High standard of living


Home ownership in Bluewater has many perks! Home prices in Bluewater can be much less then those found in Ontario’s urban centres and come with the added benefit of luxuriously large lots, mature tree lined streets, low crime rates, ample parking and friendly neighbours. Home owners also enjoy their close proximity to nature including many natural wilderness areas, parks & trails and of course, the beautiful shores and picturesque views of Lake Huron.


Residents of Bluewater enjoy a superior quality of life including a harmonious work/life relationship. There are no congested 400 series highways to battle daily here. In fact, in Bluewater, you won’t even find a traffic light! Coffee breaks are often taken in fresh air, on a nearby trail, or even on the shore on a sunny afternoon. Balancing work and life is simply easier in Bluewater.

Entrepreneurs and virtual businesses have been choosing Bluewater for many reasons one of which being our high speed internet service. Bluewater’s internet service is second to none. Our local telecom co-operatives operate an extensive fibre to the home network that you wouldn’t find in most large urban centres. This makes Bluewater one of the most connected municipalities in Canada. Whatever your present or future broadband need is, Bluewater has the infrastructure to fill the demand.

1 out of 5 people in Bluewater are self-employed and small business is a major component of Bluewater’s economy.


In Bluewater there is an extensive healthcare network consisting of 4 nearby hospitals, local medical clinics, dental clinics, optometrists and assorted health professionals such as chiropractors and massage therapists.


Bluewater residents are involved and care deeply about their community. Everyone is invited to participate! From service groups to heritage societies; garden clubs to yoga classes; performing arts to book clubs there’s something for everyone!

Bluewater hosts dozens, if not hundreds of events every year including elaborate country fairs and parades, car shows and cruise nights, fireman’s breakfasts and charity runs. We celebrate every holiday with community activities such as village Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween Witches Walks and Christmas Celebrations!

There’s no shortage of activity in Bluewater!


Bluewater’s unique location continues to draw visitors and new residents every year. Bluewater is within an easy 40-60 minute drive from Stratford, Kitchener, London, and Sarnia; Toronto is a 2.5-hour drive away. The climate of Huron County is one of the mildest of any region in Canada due to the moderating effects of Lake Huron.

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