Congratulations on your upcoming marriage

Marriage Licence applications may be picked up at the municipal office or by downloading the Marriage Licence Application form from the Ontario Central Forms repository. Please bring the completed application to the municipal office.

It is recommended that you call in advance to make arrangements for an appointment.  Please contact either Chandra Alexander at 519-236-4351 ext. 223 or Jodi Overholt at 519-236-4351 ext. 229.

A marriage licence is valid for use anywhere in Ontario, but it will expire three months after the date of issue.

There are no requirements regarding residency, pre-marital blood tests or medical certificates.

For information on on how COVID-19 impacts marriage licences and getting married, please see the  Service Ontario website. 

Learn more about changes to getting married in-person due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Who May Marry

Any person who is at least 18 years of age may marry.  No person under the age of 16 may marry.  Any person who is 16 or 17 years of age may marry with written consent of her/his parents or legal guardians.  A special consent form is available at the municipal office.

A person who is divorced or annulled will require:
If the marriage was dissolved in Canada, the original or court-certified copy of the final decree or certificate of divorce.

If the marriage was dissolved outside of Canada, the authorization of the Minister of Consumer and Business Services.  Authorization may be obtained from the Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Marriage Licence Requirements (documents to bring to the municipal office with the application)

At least one partner must apply in person but the application must be signed by both.

Each partner must submit 2 pieces of government issued identification.  Once of those pieces must include your photo.  Following are examples of government issued identification:

  • Birth certificate
  • Valid passport
  • Valid drivers licence
  • Certificate of Canadian citizenship
  • Record of immigrant landing

If one or both persons was previously married and subsequently divorced in Canada, the original or court certified copy of the Decree Absolute or Certificate of Divorce must be submitted.

The fee to obtain a marriage licence is $100.00 which can be paid by cheque, cash or debit.

Please allow for 15 to 30 minutes for processing once all documentation has been confirmed.

After the Marriage Ceremony

To have proof that your marriage has been registered by the Province of Ontario, it is recommended that you order a marriage certificate.  An official marriage certificate can be ordered approximately 12 weeks from the date of marriage.

You can order a Marriage Certificate Application online.

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