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Are you interested in becoming a firefighter for the Municipality of Bluewater?  The Bluewater Fire Department consists of four stations, located in Bayfield, Brucefield, Hensall and Zurich. Being a
Firefighter is one of the most rewarding and exciting things you can do. It is also a huge commitment and brings a large degree of responsibility.

Studies have shown that Firefighters are considered by the general public to be one of the most trustworthy of all professionals, and are held in the highest regard. It is every firefighter’s responsibility to ensure nothing is done to damage that reputation.

The public calls on our help in their most vulnerable time of need, and we must respond quickly and professionally. That means knowing what to do when we arrive at an incident and doing it properly and efficiently.

The Bluewater Fire Department is accepting applications for its Auxiliary Firefighter Program. The program allows for up to two Auxiliary members to be at each station (Bayfield, Brucefield, Hensall, & Zurich) for a total of 8 on the Department. The Department will retain a list of applicants for two years. The Auxiliary members will train with the fire personnel and after reaching a pre-determined level, and when approved by the Fire Chief and Station Chief, will be allowed to attend emergency calls and assist in tasks that are considered non-life threatening.

Being an Auxiliary or Volunteer Firefighter does require a time commitment which may impact on your family life. Applicants are encouraged to discuss this matter with their families and employers prior to submitting an application.

If you think you have the skills, aptitude and the dedication to serve your community  the municipality would welcome your application. Download the  Auxiliary Firefighter Application to apply. 

Completed applications can be submitted to the municipal office:
 14 Mill Avenue, Zurich ON, N0M 2T0

(or the appropriate District Fire Chief)

Thank you for your interest, and be safe!

Dave Renner
Fire Chief