Many of Bluewater’s businesses may appear to passersby to be small, local operations. Don’t let the size of the box fool you ... these businesses in small boxes are BIG operations, many of them working on a national or even international scale. 

Bluewater’s entrepreneurs and cooperative businesses supply the world with food, educate students throughout Canada and the US, create unbelievable frozen works of art celebrated around the globe and even work with NASA.

Bluewater businesses are able to work in this global environment in large part because of the superior quality and availability of high speed internet services.

Bluewater’s internet service is second to none. Our local telecom co-operatives operate an extensive fibre to the home network that you wouldn’t find in most large urban centres. This makes Bluewater one of the most connected municipalities in Canada. Whatever your present or future broadband need is Bluewater has the infrastructure to fill the demand. 

“Bluewater (is) one of the most connected municipalities in Canada”

Rob Van Aaken
Tuckersmith Communications Cooperative Ltd



Hay Communications is an independent Telecommunications service provider located in Bluewater.

Hay is rooted in the Community, from their municipally owned beginnings to their co-operative restructuring. They are very knowledgeable  business environments emerging economic and social requirements. Within the Bluewater area they have fulfilled the need for quality telephone, internet and other telecommunication services. Hay Communications continually invests in our community providing the highest levels of service possible.



TCC's Vision is to be the leader in voice, information and entertainment solutions in Mid-Huron.