For seasonal dwellings that are not heated during the cold weather times, the water meter will need to be drained of water in a manner similar to draining other parts of your water system. It is your responsibility to protect the meter from frost damage the same as you would do for the rest of your water piping system.

The procedure for draining the water meter is:
  • Shut off your main water supply.
  • Drain your water system in the usual manner.
  • After water has stopped draining, open the drain cock on the valve near the meter. You may get a small amount of water from this port.
  • Loosen the 4 bolts (do not remove completely) which hold the back plate (bottom in photo below) on the meter. You may get a small amount of water spillage from the back of the meter.

In the spring, close the system by by reversing the above procedure.

This procedure has been reliable in previous applications. If you have concerns please consult either your plumber or the municipal office.

***NOTE*** Removal of your water meter is not permitted under By-law 82-2001. Anyone found to have removed their water meter without consent from the Municipality may be subject to fines and penalties.

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