Recreation master plan complete

Recreation master plan complete

In 2022, we asked for help from our Bluewater community to complete a recreation master plan (RMP). The RMP will help guide Council and staff in the provision of recreation (parks, trails, waterfront, programs, culture, and service delivery) until 2037. During the process, members of the Bluewater community, businesses, user groups, and more submitted their feedback. This feedback was an important part in creating a master plan that will work for Bluewater.

In January 2023, Council received the final version of the recreation master plan. It is designed to be a flexible document that will adapt to changing operational priorities, emerging trends, community needs and values. The master plan will be reviewed every five years and it is already being referred to during decision making by Council. 

Many thanks to the members of our Bluewater community for their participation during the creation of our recreation master plan.

The final version of the Plan is available on the recreation master plan page of our website.

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