Bluewater recognizes years of service among department's firefighters

Bluewater recognizes years of service among department's firefighters

Several Bluewater firefighters were recognized by Council on Monday, February 5th for their long service to the Bluewater community in the field of fire services. 

The Provincial Fire Services long service medal and subsequent service bars are presented to Ontario firefighters who have served a minimum of 25 years in suppression, training, public education, inspections and communications.

Firefighters with 20 years of service in Canadian fire services and who have served at least 10 of those years in the performance of duties involving potential risk received federal recognition with the Fire Services Exemplary Service Medal.

We extend our thanks to our volunteer firefighters and their families for their service to our communities and their efforts to keep us safe, to educate, and to support in times of need.

Congratulations to our recipients:

  • Firefighter Gerard Boon, 45 years, Brucefield Station
  • Captain Ron Thompson, 40 years, Brucefield Station
  • Firefighter Greg Campbell, 40 years, Hensall Station
  • Deputy District Chief Brian Cooper, 30 years, Hensall Station
  • District Chief Jeff Denys, 20 years, Brucefield Station
  • Retired Captain Pete Bedard, 20 years, Hensall Station

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