Blue Flag Program

Our coastal ecosystem is important to the Municipality and its residents. That is why we work hard to promote clean water through sustainable management and services to monitor water quality.

The Village of Bayfield Marina proudly boasts blue flag status which reassures residents and tourists that they are visiting a clean, environmentally friendly and sustainable marina. 

Marinas with blue flag status have many important benefits. They: 

  • Support improvements to water quality and coastal ecosystems
  • Nurture community engagement 
  • Offer environmental education opportunities 
  • Encourage stewardship between environmental, health, tourism, education, and government organizations
  • Promote tourism

There are many organizations working to improve water quality, protect our shoreline, and make beaches safe for users: 

The Village of Bayfield Marina has been awarded a blue flag environmental award. The blue flag is an internationally recognized and respected eco-label that is awarded annually to beaches and marinas that have met strict criteria in four categories: water quality; environmental management; environmental education; and safety and services. To attain a blue flag, the marina must fulfil a number of criteria concerning environmental information and education, safety and service facilities and water quality. The blue flag is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), a non-government environmental organization. Swim Drink Fish coordinates Blue Flag Canada and monitors The Village of Bayfield Marina regularly to ensure that the blue flag standards are maintained. 

If you are also passionate about nature and the environment, you can help, too, by: 

  • Following the code of environmental conduct at the marina 
  • Using environmentally friendly products for paints and detergents. This helps reduce the amount of harmful chemicals entering our waters 
  • Reporting any pollution or other violations of environmental regulations to authorities 
  • Saving water, electricity, and fuel 
  • Encouraging other sailors to take care of the environment 

Fly your own blue flag! Sign the environmental code of conduct and register to show your commitment and share the message. Speak to marina staff about the individual blue flag.

Lake Huron shores host a dune ecosystem that features rare plant species, protects our beach from storm waves, and helps protect our lake's water quality. Dune ecosystems are among the rarest coastal features on the Great Lakes. They represent about 1.5% of its coastline. Our dunes are sensitive to human disturbances, and if damaged or destroyed, will lead to poor beach quality, loss of shore protection, and loss of habitat. Dune loss also contributes to poorer water quality.  

The high clay bluffs here at Bayfield are protected from erosion from storm waves because of the dunes that have developed at the base of the bluffs. This is an example of how beach-dune systems provide a valuable shore protection function for the lakeshore. Bluff stability on Lake Huron is largely due to established vegetation. Native vegetation is encouraged. Without this natural protection, bluff erosion would threaten buildings along the top of the bluff. Visit the above resources and helpful links to see how you can help ensure that beach, dune and bluff eco-systems are protected. 

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