When it comes time for some outdoor summer fun, you'll find the perfect place to cool off with our two splashpads. Our splashpads are free to use by the public. Located within two of our popular parks, they are a perfect spot for residents and visitors to spend an afternoon on hot summer days. Their convenient locations mean that washroom facilities, parking and more are close by. Come spend the day with us!

Clan Gregor Square, Bayfield

Come get your feet wet and enjoy the beauty of Bayfield from the heart of Clan Gregor Square. With open green space, accessible washroom facilities, parking, and play equipment all located in the park surrounding the splashpad, there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy!

Our Clan Gregor Square splashpad is located within The Square as you enter Bayfield's Heritage Main Street area from Bluewater Highway (Highway 21).

Hensall Arena Park, Hensall

The Hensall splashpad is a fun way to spend the day with the family. You can come enjoy the sunshine and cool down in the splashpad. This location offers washroom facilities, plenty of shade and green space, parking, play equipment and a pavilion.

Our Hensall splashpad is located next to the Hensall Arena at 157 Oxford Street West. They are maintained by the Facilities department. If you have any questions or notice an issue with one of our splashpads, please contact the Facilities department. 


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