Lakeshore Road Assumption Process

Do you live on a road that is owned by the municipality but is not maintained by us? These roads are unassumed highways and are generally located on the lakeshore.

The municipality has a policy and process to take over (assume) responsibility and costs for the maintenance of the road. The process involves a neighbourhood submitting a petition to the municipality. The petition must contain the names and signatures of 66% of the residents who use the road for access. The process involves verifying the petition, analyzing the road, preparing cost estimates for the assumption and making a recommendation to Council. Residents do not have to pay for any costs to bring the road to a minimum standard. The road will not be improved but may be minimally repaired as needed. Currently, Council sets aside $75,000.00 per year to implement road assumptions.

If you are interested in the municipality maintaining your unassumed road, start by contacting the Public Works department. It’s best to have a meeting with staff to go over the process and talk about any known or anticipated issues. Usually it is a residents' association that makes initial contact, but anyone can call to set up a meeting. 

Petitions must be submitted between January 1st and September 1st each year so that Council can include them in budget discussions for the following year.

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