Request for Tree Planting on Municipally Owned Properties

We recognize the importance of healthy tree cover for our environment and our residents. To help, we've adopted a protection and enhancement of trees policy for any trees planted on municipally owned land. This policy states that any planting or removal of trees on municipally owned land requires permission. This includes trees planted in boulevards and road allowances. 

Residents are encouraged to report damaged or dying trees on municipal property by contacting the administrative assistant for Public Works or by using our report a concern feature.

As part of our policy, the municipality has created a program where residents can ask for a tree to be planted in the road allowance in front of their property. You can request a tree planting by completing our tree planting request form.

Before submitting a request, please read this important policy information:

You can request tree planting by completing the request form. Please read the information about where trees can be planted Mark the location where you would like the tree planted with a flag, stake, or painted mark on the ground. Municipal staff will visit the site to review it and then contact you to let you know if your request has been approved. 

Any trees planted in the road allowance must meet these conditions:

  • No closer than 3 m to a building
  • No closer than 1.5 m to a driveway/entrance
  • No closer than 3 m to a hydro pole or utility transformer
  • No closer than 7 to 10 m from an existing tree
  • No closer than 3.5 m to a utility line or cable; drains; catch basins
  • No closer than a 2 m radius of a fire hydrant or parking meter
  • No closer than 1.5 to 4 m from a streetlight
  • No trees may be planted between 0.5 m from the property line and 1.5 m to the edge of the sidewalk. If there isn't a sidewalk, trees will be planted 0.5 m from the property line to a maximum of 1 m from the property line.
  • No trees will be planted in locations where they impact the sight triangles described in the municipality's zoning by-law.
  • No trees will not be planted on lanes, walkways, walks, or streets that are less than 16 m  wide because of limited space.

Only non-invasive species will be planted. Our goal is to plant a mix of species native to our area. Anyone requesting tree planting will be given a list of species to choose from. 

Municipal staff or someone contracted by the municipality will plant the tree. After planting, we encourage residents to care for trees in front of their property by monitoring their condition and watering them. 

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