Certified Candidates Financial Statements

Everyone that filed a nomination with the Municipality of Bluewater to participate in the 2022 Municipal and School Board elections must file their financial statement with the Clerk after each election.  These statements detail the income and expenses incurred during the candidate's campaign.

The completed financial statement must be submitted to the Clerk by 2 pm on March 31, 2023.

All submitted statements are public documents.  The Clerk must retain the statements until the new Council takes office after the 2026 election.  

2022 Candidate Financial Statements

Name of Candidate Office  Link to Form 4
Paul Klopp Mayor Form 4
John Becker Deputy Mayor Form 4
Alwyn Vanden Berg Deputy Mayor Form 4
Bill Whetstone Bayfield Ward Councillor Form 4
Scott Harris Hensall Ward Councillor Form 4
Shawn LaPorte Zurich Ward Councillor Form 4
Winona Bailey Zurich Ward Councillor Form 4
Joseph K. Groot Hay East Ward Councillor Form 4
Tyler Hessel Hay West Ward Councillor Form 4
Peter Gordon Walden Stanley East Ward Councillor Form 4
George Irvin Stanley West Ward Councillor Form 4
Greg Lamport Stanley West Ward Councillor Form 4
Brian Heagle Hay West Ward Councillor Form 4

Notice of Compliance - Filing of Financial Statements

If an elector entitled to vote in an election believes on reasonable grounds that a candidate or registered third party who is registered in relation to the election in the municipality has contravened a provision of the Act relating to election campaign finances may apply for a compliance audit of the candidates or registered third party's election campaign finances.  Bluewater is part of the Huron County Joint Compliance Audit Committee.

The following members are appointed to the Compliance Audit Committee:

  • Jacquie Bishop
  • Nancy Michie
  • Tom Prout

Should any members of the Election Compliance Audit Committee referred to above resigns or otherwise unable to perform their duties, the following individual shall be called upon as alternate without the necessity of taking any further steps to constitute them as members of the Election Compliance Audit Committee:

  • Rhonda Fisher

The business of the Compliance Audit Committee is to be conducted in accordance with the Terms of Reference set in Schedule A of By-law 75-2022.  Please contact the Corporate Services Department for a copy of the By-law.

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